a sampling of original works by vocollage

performed live and on radio

In cabin’d ships at sea  


Inspired by the “Maritime Portsmouth: The Sawtelle Collection,” this original performance piece celebrates the romanticism of an era whose writers and painters ushered in a new century of commerce and artistry.  This live performance piece features composers and writers including Charles Ives, Arthur Sullivan, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Walt Whitman.

The choice of composers and writers including Charles Ives, Arthur Sullivan, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Walt Whitman, celebrates the romanticism of the era. 

9/11: Tribute at Dusk



Alexandra Borrie was living in Rego Park, Queens, on September 11, 2001 and responded to the catastrophic events of that day as a creative artist.  This hour-long radio program includes her recollections as well as the poetry of W.H. Auden, Tennyson and the epic poem, Bike Man by Thomas Flynn.  vocollage conductor Amy Lieberman chose the music of Hartke, Vaughan Williams and Steve Reich to match the combination of dramatic recollection and poignant poetry. Angelynne Hinson edited and produced the radio program.



A staged performance of music and spoken word highlighting individual acts of heroism and armed revolt during the Second World War.  This work dramatizes recovered diaries, documents, and personal accounts along with poetry and music of artists under siege.  Partizaner! tells the stories of those in hiding and of those who fought evil - from the forests of Poland to the ghettos of Vilna and Warsaw.

An original staged performance of music and spoken word commemorating composers and writers whose works survived the Holocaust. Recovered documents and personal accounts are woven together with music and poetry. The program features not only stories of the partisans and their bravery but also presents the nurses, performers, teachers - individuals who by their simple acts, resisted evil.

A Room of One's Own


Woolfʼs observations and commentary while on a walking tour through Oxbridge of the early 1920ʼs, became first a series of lectures, then her seminal book of the same title. This reconstruction of her book into monologue form allows the audience to walk with Woolf through the unwelcoming terrain of male wealth, higher learning and privilege. Her observations are razor - edge keen, her anger is just, and her humor is wry. This live performance (currently in production for radio) is underscored to highlight emotional and factual content using the music of Elgar, Holst, Handel and Warlock.